SEPHORA COLLECTION Skin ‘N Seed Cream 50ml Camellia Seed



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Mô tả

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What it is:

Sephora Skin’ n Seed range gives skin visible, strong, and continuous purification for natural beauty.

What it does:

SKIN’N SEED is inspired from the incredible power of seeds, real essence of the whole plant that grows through germination, stemming and reproduction, to provide instant, intensive and durable energy. Extracted from Low Temperature Pressing Technology and Ultra Sonic Technology this cream preserves the optimal reactivity of this elixir for its moisturising, anti-oxidation and purifying properties. Cucumber Seed contains extracts from cucumber seeds, snow fungus extract, and vitamin B3 to hydrate and smoothen your skin and keep it dewy. Camellia Seed contains extracts from camellia seeds and lentil complex, combined with a formula designed to form a light moisturising mask to cleanse, refine and smoothen your skin. Grape Seed contains extracts from grape seeds, combined with grape seed oil and macadamia nut oil to leave your skin fresh, moisturised and vibrant while Lemon Seed with its extracts from lemon seeds and essence from the lemon pulp deliver luminosity and glow and an even skin tone.