Kem trị nám John Plunkett Superfade Face Cream 40mL

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General Information

Are dark marks and brown skin blemishes ageing you?

Dark marks and brown skin blemishes can make your face appear older, sometimes even more than just wrinkles and lines.

John Plunkett’s Superfade is clinically proven to help fade age spots, freckles and brown spots caused by sun damage and hormonal variation.

Superfade Face Cream contains a powerful pigmentation fading active that assists fading unwanted pigmentation.  This active is only found in Superfade and works within the skin to stop the cause of excessive and uneven pigmentation.

You can have younger looking skin and the confidence to go out with or without makeup in 6 weeks.

* Helps fade facial pigmentation and discolouration
* Works at the source of pigmentation, not just on the surface.
* Contains 2% hydroquinone – the gold standard in pigmentation fading.
* Clinically proven, unique formulation – not a cosmetic.
* Pharmacy strength, no prescription needed.


* If a pigmented spot or mole has recently become darker, changed colour, become enlarged or itchy, or bleeds, do not use this product, see your doctor immediately.
* Mild irriation may occur, stop use if it becomes severe.
* Do not use on children.
* Do not use near eyes.
* Dark skinned people should avoid long term and repeated use to lighten overall colour.
* If fading is not evident within 3 months, seek doctor’s advice.
*Avoid exposure to the sun.  Use SPF 30+ sunsrcreen on any exposed areas.
* Always read the label.  Use only as directed.

Common Uses

Brown skin blemishes and freckles are caused by excessive pigmentation that results from the influence of sun exposure, hormonal vairation or skin type.

The cream works gradually and results should begin to appear after 6 weeks.

Superfade helps fade flat, brown marks including:

* Dark marks
* Brown spots
* Freckles
* Uneven pigmentation
* Melasma
* Chloasma


Hydroquinone 20mg/g
Blocks the enzyme tyrosinase in melanocyte cells in the skin, preventing them from converting tyrosine into melanin.

Salicylic Acid 15mg/g
Beta Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates enabling penetration.

Padimate O 30mg/g
UVB sunscreen

Preservative: chlorocresol


Apply sparingly only into areas to be treated twice daily and at bedtime.

After desired fading is obtained use only as necessary to maintain results.

Before commencing treatment test for allergic reaction over 24 hours with small patch of cream on inside of upper arm.

Store below 25 deg C

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